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One of the most interesting things about the Digital Age, and especially social media, is how it has changed our very language, with certain words taking on a completely new meaning from their original definitions. If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media comment threads, you would no doubt have seen linguistic evolution in action, evidence of the dynamic nature of language.

Take the word “gatekeeper”, for example. While, historically, a gatekeeper could be interpreted very literally as a person guarding a physical gate and, later on, someone controlling the flow of information within an organisation – similarly, “someone who has the power to decide who gets particular resources and opportunities” – the modern gatekeeper is a person, or group of people, (usually self-appointed) who decides what is appropriate and acceptable within a particular context. Content moderators is one example but, more often than not, gatekeepers are simply members of a particular community. Sometimes, gatekeeping is done to ensure the integrity of a community, while other times there’s a certain degree of elitism involved.

Whatever the case, the idea of a gate has always been associated with security and protection, controlling who has access and who doesn’t. Gates are the physical barriers that insulate and shield us against any number of risks to our safety, security and wellbeing.

Make sure your access gate provides you with the highest level of peace of mind by complementing it with an industry-leading automation solution from Centurion Systems. The new SMART range is the latest word in gate control technology, locking out unauthorised access while affording you incredible convenience and ease of use.

Features include:

  • Fast operating speed – fully adjustable
  • Time-proven battery-driven technology
  • Outstanding reliability and durability
  • Integrated vibration sensor, guarding against theft, tampering and burglary
  • Making lives easier for installers with easy installation, commissioning and diagnostics

Get your SMART solution from Centurion Systems today.

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