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Security – whether personal, home or cyber – is an evergreen topic and, with criminals getting more inventive, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stay ahead of the curve.

Technology is, of course, an invaluable ally in the fight against crime, and the perpetual evolution of security tech has certainly put peace of mind in the hands of more people.

But we also believe that education and knowledge sharing are powerful tools when it comes to staying secure.

With this in mind, we asked our social media communities, as well as some of our internal experts, to share their top security tips for 2018. This is what they came up with:

“Join a community policing forum” – Charl M.

“Vigilance!” – Josephine d. P.

“Be aware at all times” – Janine O.

“Secure a brush to the bottom of your gate with the bristles facing the track. This will clear the track of debris every time the gate opens and closes, ensuring there is no debris build up which could stress the motor” – Andre P.

“Technology must be used to facilitate a proactive and early warning approach.
Early warning systems allows time for the victim to prepare his /her defense against the unknown surprise attacks, robberies or hijackings, which in most instances, take the surprise element away from the criminal and the victim can survive or minimize the attack” – Dirk B.

“To Ensure your gate motor and Gate beams stay in tip top condition, throw some baby powder around and in your motor and beams. This will keep the ants away!” – Ben K.

“Your house should appear occupied at all times. Use G-ULTRA to switch lights and radios on and off when you’re not at home” – John L.

“Don’t fall into the habit trap, be consistently unpredictable in your habits. Never leave the packaging of your expensive household items for display on garbage day, it might be seen as an invite” – Eduard S.

“Make sure to add rails and/or rollers to your gates end stops, this will reduce the chance of your gate falling over onto pedestrians” – Ricky D.

“For us #1 Security tip is “Be aware of your surroundings”. Always be alert” – Christo W.

“I believe the security industry must re invent to be ahead in technological advancement. The global security industry is growing at a rapid pace. More professional and coordinated operations across disciplines and geographical borders among criminals, is one of the drivers of the increased demand for advanced upgrade of security devices interconnected systems.” – Stanley A.

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