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If you’re like most (if not all) access automation installers, or any tradesperson for that matter, chances are that you have a toolbox that you carry with you to every job for which you are commissioned. In this toolbox, one is likely to find a wide array of different screwdrivers, spanners, socket sets, drilling equipment and, if your job entails electrical and/or electronic work, a multimeter and soldering iron, among other technical implements, devices and apparatus. You almost certainly consider your trusty tool-chest an indispensable part of your trade; an inanimate assistant ready to dispense whatever instruments you need to  give your client that gate motor magic.

While traditional tools like the ones mentioned above will always be an essential part of your onsite arsenal, the advent of so-called “smart” technology, which is largely app-driven and harnesses the virtually limitless power of the Internet of Things (IoT), has brought about a complete change in how we interact and interface with various connected devices. To wit, convenience has found a new home in the aether, in the innumerable invisible information highways and byways that crisscross our cities and our towns. Smart systems and the vast Internet backbone that connects them are creating work environments built upon efficiency and productivity with a strong emphasis on interactive user interfaces and the ability for machines to adapt to their environments.

Writing for the Houston Chronicle’s Small Business blog, a user calling himself Grant describes the effect of technology on the modern workplace thusly: “From the industrial age to modern day, technology has improved working conditions. Its impact on the work environment has streamlined tedious and environmentally wasteful processes, expedited access to work while exponentially increasing productivity and made working from anywhere easier than ever”.

The role of mobile applications in this metamorphosis cannot be overstated, and it is with this in mind that we developed the latest must-have item for your tool kit: the FREE MyCentsys Pro app interface for our D5 SMART siding gate motor.

If you’ve ever wished there were more hours in the day, you are certainly not alone. Even actress Jessica Alba lamented that she “[wished] there were two of [her] and 48-hour days so [she] could get everything done”. As an installer or contractor, the oft-quoted aphorism of “time is money” couldn’t be more true because, the quicker you are able to complete a job, the more business you are able to conduct in a day.

So let us ask you this (though we’re pretty sure we know the answer):

Do you want to save time and get more jobs done in a day? Let’s make it happen with the smartest mobile app for installers around! With MyCentsys Pro, you’ll work smarter, not harder thanks to lightning-fast and super-easy setup of gate limits and configuration of the motor’s many intelligent features. Setup is done with the guidance of intuitive and interactive graphic wizards to make your life even easier. You can also set gate speed and other operating parameters with a few simple taps.

Check out this video to see just how quick and easy it is to get your client sliding using the app.

Download MyCentsys Pro now free from your app store, or by simply scanning the QR code on the D5 SMART box or on the operator’s accessory tray.

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