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Originally published in To Build magazine

The theory of technological determinism posits that the extent to which a society embraces technology determines its progress, and that technological innovation underscores the society’s development and growth. Technology as a key driver of societal change was especially evident during the Industrial Revolution, a period in history marked by improved manufacturing processes and the large-scale mechanisation of formerly manual processes, and acted as impetus for the wave of economic and cultural reform that followed in its wake.

While contemporary sociologists and scholars differ with regards to their views about technology’s role in shaping societal values, there’s no denying the fact that technology is instrumental in making our lives easier. Innovations such as wireless communication represent the vanguard of a new technological renaissance marked by a renewed focus on ease of installation and maintenance, making it easier than ever before for integrators and property developers to give their clients sophisticated and intelligent solutions in less time and at a lower cost by eliminating wired civils.

Access automation innovator Centurion Systems recently launched a versatile wireless solution for both the domestic and commercial markets, marking the company’s first bold step into the world of home automation.

According to CENTURION’s communications coordinator, Charl Mijnhardt, the solution is aimed not only at drastically simplifying installation, but also at providing end-users with a robust and reliable wireless environment through which they can remotely monitor and control virtually anything, from electric gates and sprinkler systems to lights and pool pumps.

“Installers are looking to get more jobs done in less time and with less effort, while end-users demand convenience and affordability. Our new wireless solution addresses the needs of both markets while delivering incredible flexibility and intelligence”.

The full solution is composed of three unique CENTURION offerings, namely the G-ULTRA GSM device, the G-REMOTE mobile app and the brand new WiZo-Link wireless input/output module.


CENTURION’s G-ULTRA GSM module – launched to massive acclaim at last year’s inaugural Access Automation Expo, hosted by the company itself – ushered in a new era in mobile-based access automation, combining advanced functionality and diagnostics with a sleek, modern design befitting such a futuristic solution. With four channels individually configurable as either inputs and outputs, this intelligent device enables users to monitor and control an array of appliances via their mobile phones.

Built upon the bedrock of convenience established by the original G-SWITCH-22 GSM module, the G-ULTRA is a complete evolution of that device imbued with intelligence and packaged for use in a modern environment. The combination of a smart graphic user interface and a plethora of advanced features means that the G-ULTRA goes well beyond the scope of mere access automation and takes remote monitoring and control to an entirely new level.


With the G-ULTRA, CENTURION addressed many of the issues faced by its trade clients, such as ease of installation and setup, as well as access to intelligent diagnostics. The company felt, however, that they owed it to their end-user client-base to provide them with a convenient means of monitoring and controlling systems that have been connected to their G-ULTRA devices.

G-REMOTE allows for virtually instantaneous output activations via fully customisable in-app buttons, as well as lightning-speed notifications pushed to multiple users at a fraction of the cost of older communication methodologies.


The WiZo-Link is, to all intents and purposes, a wireless wire: an unbelievably powerful solution that uses robust mesh network technology to create an always-connected, ultra-secure wireless environment that can be used to remotely monitor and control virtually anything.

Wireless bidirectional communication

Each WiZo-Link device, or node, to use the nomenclature typically associated with systems of this nature, has been imbued with flexible dual-role functionality, acting as both receiver and transmitter. What this essentially means, is that the can activate a device, and receive near-instantaneous feedback that the command has been received and executed.

Mesh network technology

Wireless technology, for the most part, is somewhat unreliable. It’s prone to interference caused by environmental changes, susceptible to noise, and it can be jammed.

This may be true of traditional, point-to-point communication protocols, but mesh networks are different. Mesh networks are robust, they are adaptable, they are secure, and they are fully scalable in terms of size and range, with each new node added to the system acting as a repeater and strengthening the network.


In a traditional transmitter-receiver relationship, there’s no signal persistence. In other words, if there’s something obstructing the signal transmission, the transmitter would fire once and then quite simply give up.

The WiZo is a die-hard device, and it doesn’t take “no” for an answer. When a WiZo is given a command to communicate with another device in the network, it’ll keep on knocking until someone opens the door. In other words, the device will relentlessly keep on transmitting its signal until the obstruction has been cleared and it receives acknowledgement that the signal has been received and the command carried out.

The convergence of these three powerful technologies – the G-ULTRA, the G-REMOTE and the WiZo-Link – creates a reliable and robust wireless ecosystem that can be grown to almost any size, and what it can be used for is limited only by the user’s imagination. CENTURION’s solution isn’t dependent on range, it’s immune to interference and jamming, and it intelligently adapts to changes in the environment.

To find out more about CENTURION’s diverse and award-winning range of access automation solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial environments, visit or call 011 699 2400.


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