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While changes to the macro-environment have historically been glacial, with factors such as fiscal policy and GDP taking time to filter through to the point where they affect top-level business decisions, the past twenty months or so have seen significant disruptions to the conditions that influence the economy as a whole. However, with the holiday season around the corner, many sectors of the economy, most notably retail, will be buoyed by an uptick in both consumer and commercial activity. Even with new shopping trends emerging, for example a preference for online shopping and a digitised, contactless in-shop experience, commercial enterprises such as distribution warehouses – which are integral in ensuring a healthy, reliable supply chain, especially during a period marked by increased demand in many areas – are likely to have a very busy time ahead of them.

But, while cash registers clang and jingle (yes, like bells) and mall speakers pipe out familiar holiday tunes, property managers will be dreaming a little dream of security as they brace themselves for what is, sadly, the season to be taking as far as criminals are concerned. Crime rates invariably spike during the holiday season, making it necessary to re-evaluate and, in many instances, upgrade existing security systems lest the ghosts of holidays past make an unwelcome return.

When it comes to securing high-volume commercial sites, the CENTURION SECTOR II automatic traffic barrier provides year-round peace of mind thanks to fast operating speeds and reliable battery backup ensuring continued operation during power outages. With an optimised design and intuitive graphic interface boasting a setup wizard and loads of high-security features, installers and integrators will simply love unwrapping the gift of convenience and easy installation, while employees, customers and building managers can rest easy knowing that they have the best, most reliable, automatic traffic barrier standing guard.

Tested to the highest standards of perfection and built for strengthendurance and reliability, the SECTOR II boom barrier offers the best angle in high-volume vehicular access control for sites ranging from busy shopping complexes and office parks to car dealerships and residential estates.

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