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Since its official launch back in 2016, our CENTURION SECTOR II traffic barrier has become a fixture in virtually every setting requiring high-volume, heavy-duty access control and traffic management, regulating vehicular access in settings ranging from complexes and residential estates to busy office parks and hospitals. With its robust construction and legendary performance, this formidable, practically indefatigable barrier is the preferred choice of users, operators and installers alike, and has cemented its place as the pinnacle of reliability, strength and endurance, while delivering the ultimate in security, convenience and peace of mind.

And now, with a fresh new look and an exciting new safety feature, we’ve given the SECTOR II more than just a facelift: we’ve enhanced its overall appearance, strength and durability, as well as conferring upon its user an added sense of peace of mind thanks to safer traffic management, made possible by a high-visibility LED strip. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the updated SECTOR II traffic barrier.

Structural Integrity

The rectangular-profile boom pole offers increased structural integrity due to its flat surfaces and sharp corners. These features distribute forces more evenly across the surface, minimising stress concentrations that can lead to bending or deformation. This is especially beneficial in high-volume traffic situations where the boom pole is subject to continuous pressure from vehicles and environmental elements.

Resistance to Bending and Flexing

The shape of the rectangular pole allows it to resist bending and flexing more effectively compared to a round pole. The corners of the rectangular profile provide additional rigidity, reducing the likelihood of the pole bending or swaying under stress. This is crucial in maintaining a stable barrier, especially in scenarios where large vehicles might come into contact with the barrier.

Wind Resistance

Wind resistance is a significant factor in ensuring the reliability and performance of the traffic barrier, especially where it has been installed in outdoor environments. The flat sides of a rectangular-profile pole create a larger surface area that interacts with the wind, which can help to stabilise the pole during strong winds. The aerodynamic qualities of a rectangular shape can reduce the risk of the pole being pushed or swayed by high winds, ensuring the barrier’s effectiveness even in adverse weather conditions.

Aesthetics and Visibility

With aesthetics and seamless integration with surrounding architecture becoming increasingly important when it comes to choosing an access control and traffic management solution, a growing number of building owners and facility and property managers are turning to technology that complements its architectural environment.

That’s where the new-look SECTOR II traffic barrier comes in.

The rectangular boom pole raises visual appeal and looks great in any environment and application. Add to that a range of stunning colours and customising options, and you have a security solution that really looks the part and is easy to use and easy on the eye. We’ve also added an LED strip to the pole, ensuring visibility during both daytime and nighttime hours and enhancing the over safety of the access control system.

Longevity and Maintenance

Due to its enhanced strength and resistance to various stresses, a rectangular-profile boom pole is likely to have a longer lifespan with reduced maintenance needs compared to a round pole. This can contribute to long-term cost savings and operational efficiency.

Get the SECTOR II from Centurion Systems today and experience a new look with the same winning performance.



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