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Unless you are currently the proprietor of a haunted mansion, you probably don’t want your garage to sound like a medieval dungeon, complete with chain clatter.  There is something just a little bit disconcerting about opening your garage door only to be greeted by the sound of metal seemingly being subjected to severe torture.

Previously, that is what most garage door operators provided.  Slow operation and horrible, horrible noise.

But the CENTURION Xtrac changed all that, with whisper-quiet operation and a door travel speed in excess of 100 mm/second; for those of you keeping score, that’s an incredible six metres per minute!  Take into account that most garage doors are only about two metres high, and you can see why the XTrac steals the show when it comes to reliable garage door automation.
In addition to the XTrac’s impressive speed and respect for the sanctity of silence, it also comes equipped with a wireless wall switch and onboard CENTURION code-hopping receiver to facilitate convenient remote operation.

But what really makes the XTrac such a worthy automation solution, is how easy it is to install.  From the rock solid towing bracket to the easy-to-assemble extrusion, everything is custom-engineered to make the installation process a pleasurable and effortless one.

As with all our products, great care has also been taken to ensure that the XTrac is as safeas it is swift, and as secure as it is silent.  Intelligent anti-crushing protection is built into the operator’s circuitry – and can be adjusted to suit the site’s unique profile – while areliable manual release mechanism allows the gearbox to be overridden in any position.

The world we live in is noisy enough, so let’s get behind the XTrac and take a stand against chain clatter!

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