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There’s no denying the fact that access control has come a long way since the days of punch cards and other, similarly archaic systems.  Like most things in this modern age, the trend in access control seems to lean towards the sleek and the compact, while still offering superior security, usability and functionality.   Modern access control systems also need to be multi-faceted, providing an all-encompassing topology that can be shaped to suit the unique requirements of different sites.

However, security should still be at the core of an efficient access control infrastructure as this is an area where technology can truly be used to create a formidable barrier and can almost be viewed as a safety net, protecting people, information and assets.  There have been remarkable advances in this ever-expanding field, with everything from network integration to data logging forming part of a very exciting microcosm the potential of which has yet to be fully exploited.

In recent years, keypad access control has taken the world of security by storm – the obvious benefit being that authorised entrants don’t have to carry anything with them that could potentially be lost or stolen – all the information they need to gain access is stored safely in their heads.  Some keypads, such as the CENTURION SMARTGUARD and its wireless sibling, the SMARTGUARDair, can be interfaced with a host of peripheral devices such as gate motors, electric locks and alarm panels for a fully comprehensive access control system.  Furthermore, introducing facilities such as free-exit and panic pushbuttons to keypad access control systems further enhances the overall security of the installation.

While keypad access control is undeniably powerful, there is still much to be said for proximity readers; especially when it comes to functionality and expandability.  The CENTURION Lattice proximity access system, for instance, can start out as a single reader and be seamlessly expanded to a networked system consisting of up to 32 readers.  In addition, the system can be interfaced with a PC via a simple RS-458 connection and, using the unique LatticeWARE software, the user can upload transaction logs, selectively add and delete users as well as edit all functionality associated with particular readers.  This is one system that still packs a very powerful punch when it comes to expandable, user-friendly and fully comprehensive access control.

SMARTGUARD, SMARTGUARDair and Lattice are all available from Centurion Systems and leading security outlets.

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