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After more than 30 years at the helm of the industry-leading access automation manufacturer, CENTURION co-founder Pat Dickens stepped down as the company’s MD at the end of March with current sales and marketing director Richard Rohman being named as his successor. Over the course of three decades, CENTURION has made a name for itself as one of the foremost innovators in the field of security technology, consistently delivering products that offer exceptional reliability, functionality and performance. A true South African pioneer, CENTURION has been instrumental in bringing security and convenience to the masses.

From its humble, grassroots beginnings in a shed in Pat and his wife Anne’s backyard, CENTURION has grown into a vast access automation empire with branches across South Africa as well as an international subsidiary, Centurion Systems West Africa, in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2016, CENTURION became part of the biggest access automation group in the world, FAAC, S.p.A.

CENTURION is an organisation that is built upon, and defined by, a foundation of unshakable values; values that were first articulated by Pat and Richard when the company opened its doors in 1986, and carried forth by the generations of CENTURIONs that have come to espouse a culture of honesty, integrity and productivity. Even now, as the torch is passed, CENTURION remains rooted in its commitment to providing unsurpassed customer satisfaction at every touchpoint, whether through intuitive technology or world-class after-sales support.

“Together, we have created a team with good ethics and values,” says Pat, speaking from his office in North Riding, Johannesburg. “Our systems, processes, and procedures are solid and able to adapt quickly to all but the most radical of curved balls that companies are being faced with, in this ever more volatile and changing world in which we live”.

He also expressed his confidence in the new senior management team in taking the brand to even greater heights and continuing its legacy of compelling innovation.

“The new order demands the passion, skill, knowledge, and flexible thinking of next generation thinkers.   The new team that has filled our shoes is young, adaptable, agile, and diverse.   The perfect way forward.

I am totally confident in them because I have been privileged to work alongside them.   They are the brains and energy source that have made CENTURION what it is.   They have been and remain the face and voice of CENTURION that interfaces with customers and suppliers”.

Richard, who will be taking over the reins from Pat at the end of the month, brings with him an encyclopaedic knowledge of the gate automation industry, as well as a profound understanding of customer relations thanks to his years heading up the company’s sales and marketing team.

According to Richard, it is the intention of the new senior management team to hold the course that the current one has set.

“We will certainly endeavour to maintain and, in fact, improve upon everything that is being done right and correct those few things which some us of might feel are being done wrong.

In other words, we will continue with [our] mantra, which is to grow through continuous improvement”

For Pat, CENTURION has always been about people, and he concluded his heartfelt message to stakeholders by thanking all those who helped grow the company into the formidable brand that it is today.

“In conclusion, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, the support given to CENTURION, but more especially to me personally, by all our wonderful staff, suppliers and customers.   I shall miss all of you!”

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