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When our brand new D5 SMART sliding gate motor was launched to an eager public at the CENTURION-hosted Access Automation Expo earlier this year, it was presented as a “blockbuster” product and, like a true blockbuster, it is reshaping and redefining the “genre” in which it exists. The D5 SMART is a product driven by a strong narrative of innovation and interesting world-building; the result of inspired direction by a think tank comprising many departments and stakeholders; the culmination of a gradual osmosis of brilliant ideas made concrete and oh so very compelling.

In short, the new D5 SMART is a gate motor for the ages. But what does all this mean to you, the homeowner shopping for a new gate motor? Well, it means that you are about to experience security and convenience like never before.

Here are five great reasons to get the D5 SMART today.

Incredible speed means more security

The D5 SMART moves gates at nearly twice the speed of its predecessor, safeguarding you against tailgating, drastically reducing the time spend waiting in your driveway and getting you into and out of your property safely and securely.

Innovative theft protection

We’ve designed a patented theft-deterrent bracket for the D5 SMART that threads through the gearbox. Additionally, the unit has a built-in vibration sensor that can be linked to an alarm to alert you to undue movement at the gate, potentially helping to prevent theft of the gate motor as well as break-ins.

Longer battery standby

The D5 SMART comes with a dependable 24 volt battery backup system, allowing continued operation for up to 35 cycles during power outages such as those caused by load shedding.

Safety features

The unit boasts advanced safety features and cutting-edge obstruction detection technology, ensuring that your gate isn’t only secure, but completely safe.

Various improvements

We’ve made significant improvements to the manual override mechanism, origin seeking system and internal gearset, as well as increasing the motor’s floodline for improved protection against flooding and water ingress.

Upgrade to the secure, safe and reliable D5 SMART today. It’s the intelligent choice.

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