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As you turn the corner into your street, memories of the workday start to fade into the background as your head starts to fill with thoughts of home: what to cook for dinner; getting the kids bathed and ready for bed; a birthday gift that you still need to wrap. You marvel at the rich hues of the fading day, the verdant lawns and cheerful gardens awash in the last brilliant sunlight. You turn the radio up a little louder. Your favourite song has just come on. You stop in your driveway, in front of your gate, just as the song ends and the DJ announces that the news is coming up next.

Is security something that you think about as your press the button to open your gate?

Statistics have shown that a significant percentage of hijackings and other contact crimes occur in driveaways while the victims are waiting for their gate, as this leaves one vulnerable, exposed and incapable of moving out of harm’s way. In these situations, moments matter and seconds count and you need to get into your property and have the gate close securely behind you as quickly as possible. The quicker your gate is able to open, let you in, and close, the quicker your are able to put a physical barrier between yourself and a potential threat.

Our new D5 SMART sliding gate motor moves gates at nearly twice the speed of its predecessor, safeguarding you against tailgating, drastically reducing the time spent waiting in your driveway and getting you into your property safely and securely.

Upgrade to the super-fast D5 SMART today. It’s the intelligent choice.

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