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Technology is constantly changing and evolving. We are forever making new discoveries, breaking new ground, innovating and exploring. To quote the celebrated English poet and painter William Blake (1757-1827): “What is now proved was once only imagined”.

Indeed, in a sense technology is a science of the imagination. It compels us to think outside of the box and to look to the future so that we may change “what could be” to “what is”. Isn’t that just a marvellous way of looking at it? In the Information Society in which we live, technology has become the dominant change agent and one of the most powerful mechanisms for effecting societal growth and progress.

A remarkably dynamic and robust solution, CENTURION’s new D5 SMART sliding gate motor is rooted in the possibilities of technology; a great product that only becomes greater as we continue to innovate. We designed the D5 SMART’s architecture in such a way that you can effortlessly – and wirelessly – add to its functionality with new features as they become available using nothing but a smartphone and the MyCentsys Pro mobile app.

You can ask your installer or contractor to update your D5 SMART right now with the following great features:

Courtesy Light timer functionality

This feature switches on an output for a pre-set time after a gate operation to increase the visibility around the gate area for added security and peace of mind.

Break-in and Ambush Alarms

The Break-in Alarm can be set to trigger an output should the gate beams be interrupted while the gate is in the fully-closed position; the filter time (the time that the beams need to be interrupted) is adjustable to limit false alarms.

We’ve also added some new features that your installer will find useful, such as number verification via WhatsApp, gate operator demo mode and integration with SmartTV, the official YouTube channel of the D5 SMART.

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