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Gate motors are the latest domestic appliances to be targeted by criminals, with thieves cutting a swath across South African suburbs and sometimes hitting several homes and even neighbourhoods in a single night of banditry. There have been reports of residents having a stolen gate motor replaced, only for it to be stolen again the very next day and police and CPFs have been under pressure to stem the tide of gate motor theft currently flooding communities throughout the country.

The theft of domestic gate motors has surged in recent years, with operators being snatched with wild abandon, leaving entrances vulnerable and residents frustrated. The rising popularity of – and need for – access automation has, like most in-demand items, led to an underground market predicated on the sale of stolen gate motor parts.

CENTURION believes that the new D5 SMART sliding gate motor represents a gigantic step towards solving the problem of gate motor theft and tampering.

According to CENTURION’s national branch manager, Johan Lessing, the system incorporates novel theft protection and detection technology.

“We’ve designed a patented theft-deterrent bracket [for the D5 SMART],” says Mr Lessing. “This will make the motor very, very difficult to steal”.

Furthermore, the unit has a built-in vibration sensor that can be linked to an alarm to alert the user of undue movement at the gate, potentially helping to prevent break-ins.

Upgrade to the D5 SMART today. It’s the intelligent choice.

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