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While it’s certainly true that, in modern times, the oceans are used as an important means of transport, carrying cargo vessels, fishing boats and leisure watercraft such as cruise ships, in the olden days travelling by sea and other large bodies of water played an important role in exploring the world and facilitating international trade. The world of the past was one largely built on maritime practices, at least in the context of the advancement of civilisation, and, as in many industries, mariners and navigators invented idioms to describe, define and provide context to parts of their trade. One such idiomatic expression is one that you will know all too well, namely smooth sailing, a locution that first came into use in the 1800s (“clear sailing” started being used in the 1900s, though it is less popular today) and means a “perfectly straightforward, easy and unobstructed course”.

Interestingly, what we know today as traffic bollards have their origin in maritime use, originally being employed to moor ships, but the nautical references won’t be stopping there because, you see, with the new FAAC J275 bollard, performing maintenance on the unit is smooth sailing all the way.

As with any electromechanical system, performing routine maintenance is a sure-fire way of keeping the solution performing at its best, but sophistication doesn’t have to mean complexity.

Doing maintenance on the J275 is straightforward and uncomplicated with easy access to parts – we’ve taken all the work and mystique out of the procedure thanks to the bollard’s innovative, streamlined design, helping you to reach maximum efficiency. In fact, maintenance is so simple that it can be done by one person!

Discover how easy it is by specifying the industry-leading bollard now available from Centurion Systems West Africa.

Other great J275 bollard features you can look forward to are:

  • The best solution for high-volume environments and the complete solution for defining pedestrian areas and controlling vehicular access in commercial, industrial and urban restricted areas
  • Guaranteed for high-frequency use
  • Perfect interchangeability with older generation bollards
  • Gentle Stop function prolonging the lifespan of the bollard
  • Industry-leading reliability
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