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If you’re a regular driver, chances are there’s been at least a couple of occasions where you’ve had to stop suddenly, whether to avoid an obstacle or simply because your foot was a little heavy on the brake pedal. In most cases, you’ll get a bit of a jolt and you might get a whiff of overheated brake pads, but nothing too serious. Now imagine doing this for over a long period of time, say a couple of years. Not only will your body experience considerable strain, but the mechanical parts of your vehicle will eventually wear out, ultimately completely failing. While the human body’s tolerance to physical stressors is remarkably high, mechanical parts don’t necessarily have the same protection against shock-loading, which can increase wear and shorten their service life.

Shock-loading, in case you’re wondering (according to Nobles), is “[the] application of a load at a very high rate. More precisely, it is the application of a load at a higher rate than has been accommodated in the design of the equipment”. As to why this is detrimental, Nobles explains that “[the] obvious answer is that it breaks things, and if it doesn’t break them it might inflict such severe damage that they break later on”.

Our J275 traffic bollard’s feather-light stopping when arriving on the lower limit doesn’t only make the bollard more aesthetically pleasing, but actually prolongs its lifespan by minimising the wear on parts.

Depending on the application and environment, bollards may be required to raise and lower with high frequency on an average day, especially if they’re being used for traffic control, and this can take a toll on parts if the movement isn’t precisely controlled and tempered. The J275 bollard’s exceptionally sedate stopping is designed to offer that extra bit of long-term performance, ensuring its excellent reliability on high-volume sites.

If you’re looking for a bollard that offers refined reliability, elegant endurance and polished performance, get the J275 today!

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