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Cesar Cruz wrote that “art should disturb the comfortable”. Indeed, art has always been used as a vehicle for big ideas, often reflecting the social climate of the time, becoming not only progressive, but transgressive. From harsh unflinching indictments to soaring celebrations of culture, art is something that can be enjoyed – or at least appreciated – by people from all walks of life.  Artists are almost invariably mavericks and risk-takers who are not afraid to go against the grain and put their own unique vision and worldview in a radical, uncompromising way that breaks all kinds of boundaries.  They interpret reality in a way that challenges and confronts.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how innovation takes a number of cues from art and how the role of creativity in creating technology is becoming increasingly important, with a special focus on our new SMART D-Series range of sliding gate operators.

There is a reason that most exciting innovations of the modern age are being called “disruptive”; because their impact on society is so profound and far-reaching that it causes us to rethink the world.

Innovators are the new rock stars, and the public is always eagerly awaiting the next big breakthrough to come around and change the world.

We’ve always approached our product design not only functionally, but creatively. After all, it’s all about solving problems, and that requires ingenuity, intuition and vision.

The creative furnace of our R & D team has created in the all-new SMART D-Series a range of gate automation solutions that is not only outwardly beautiful  – products of a truly artistic vision – but has been developed by applying brushstrokes of innovation to deliver solutions that are singularly sophisticated and, like the most compelling and captivating art, way ahead of their time.

Here are some of the problems that our engineers helped creatively solve in developing the new SMART D-Series gate motors – all to make your life so much easier.


Mechanically, we have made a number of enhancements to make life easier for installers.

By fitting the height adjustment bolts directly into the gearbox, we have improved on the height and rack mesh adjustments. In turn saving the installer time on site.

We incorporated the lower battery tray with the gearbox trim so when removed, access to the mounting bolts is improved.

Maintaining consistency of the SMART design, we orientated the release handle in the horizontal plane and incorporated a similar override cam in the handle making it easy to leave the operator in the overridden state. This results in a more solid cover and a neater overall appearance.


We provided channels underneath the batteries allowing cables to be run neatly to the charger and controller. We also added a cable guide up the side of the motor to help neaten up the wires running to the controller.


Following on from the popularity of the ancillary trays and the simpler battery removal process in the D5 SMART, adding these to the new operators was a no brainer. The compartments are easily accessible and provide enough space to house complementary solutions. The ancillary tray can be hinged in the same direction as the controller to make it easier to access the batteries.


MyCentsys Pro has forever changed the way we think about operator configuration, allowing the operator to be set up and configured with just a few taps.

It also incorporates product documentation and the SMART TV portal with various how-to videos for installation. In conjunction with MyCentsys Cloud, you can have a piece of mind knowing that your operator configuration and remotes are securely backed up. The built-in Demo mode allows you to play around with the app without being connected to a physical operator. The app is currently available in six languages, and we plan to grow this number in the very near future.


The SMART performance is ensuring that the gate can be opened as quickly as is feasible with a swift close once you have passed through, leaving no chance for a would-be intruder to follow. In addition, all of the SMART sliders come with an integral vibration sensor, which can be linked to a siren, third party alarm system or an armed response company, helping to prevent theft, tampering, vandalism, forced opening and even break-ins by triggering an output to alert the homeowner should the access point be compromised in any way.

All the other security enhancing features that come standard with the system add further to making the end user’s life easier.

The award-winning D5 SMART is the fastest gate motor in its class, while the lightning-quick D10 Turbo SMART is the ultimate speed machine for residential and light-industrial applications, tearing along at an incredible 50m/minute and providing unmatched security.

The new D-Series is now available from Centurion Systems and leading security distributors nationwide.

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