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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

The VECTOR2 linear swing gate operator is, to put it bluntly, a leader. It leads (confidently, one might add) in terms of design, in terms of intuitiveness and in terms of ingenuity. Let us not forget that not too long ago swing gate motors still relied upon micro-switches for position control and offered precious little by way of functionality. If you wanted any special features such as an extended automatic closing or a wider pedestrian opening, you’d have needed to order a custom-programmed microchip.

Archaic!, you say. Barbaric even. Be that as it may, until quite recently swing gate motors were mere pistons working mindlessly to provide only the most rudimentary of automation solutions.

Even in today’s intensely technology- and convenience-driven milieu, very few operators truly stand out in terms of intelligence.

The VECTOR2, however, is quite different as you’ll soon discover; for within its LCD controller – one that is no larger than an average hardcover novel – is housed the sort ofintelligence that has the power to redefine an entire industry. Every facet of the VECTOR2operator’s firmware has been designed to be intuitive to the point of precognition, even adapting its behaviour to accommodate any hardware variations that it encounters.

What follows are some examples of how the VECTOR2 makes life easier for installer and end-user alike.

It Practically Wires Itself

As a general rule, there is a hard and fast way that any given device needs to be wired in order for it to work and, when it comes to gate automation, incorrect wiring could very well metamorphose your beautiful wrought-iron gate into the world’s frilliest wall.

So, does the same bleak fate then await you, oh VECTOR2 owner, if you happened to inadvertently wire, say, your master motor’s sensor wires to the slave motor’s sensor inputs on the controller? Will the operator start moving drunkenly back and forth, unable to determine whether it is the master or the slave?


The VECTOR2 controller is intelligent enough to pick up on this little miscalculation and rectify it electronically, saving you the time and effort of spending countless hours trying to trace the fault. It is entirely possible to mix channels in this fashion without adversely affecting the operation of the gate.

State of the Art Position Control

The VECTOR2 makes use of a double-redundant opto-electronic system for position control which, in layman’s terms, basically means that the controller always knows exactly in which position the operator(s) is/are. So intelligent is this system, that it even counts pulses if the gate is moved with the operator in the disengaged state.

But what is the benefit of this?, you ask.

Well, let’s say that a leaf delay of 20mm  is active because an electric striker lock or mechanical lip necessitates one gate closing before the other. This scenario in itself would not normally pose a problem.

But imagine, if you will, the following conundrum: your gates have somehow fallen out of synchronisation. Perhaps you were doing some maintenance on your master gate that necessitated disengaging the operator so that you can move the gate around freely by hand. The problem might now arise that the master gate is now closer to the fully closed position than the slave – and remember, with leaf delay enabled the slave always closes before the master.

Or at least, this would have been a problem were it not for the aforementioned opto-electronic system.  In a situation such as this, the VECTOR2 controller will keep the master stationary and move the slave past the master until there is a gap of precisely 20mm of piston stroke between them. Upon this gap being achieved, the master will be activated and the desired leaf delay will be intact.

Fully Intuitive Setup

Traditionally, the only way to get a motor to reverse direction (i.e. to change from, say, in an inward opening configuration to an outward opening configuration) was to swap the motor wires around; especially in a double-leaf swing installation, this made for rather a hairy setup procedure. Fortunately, the VECTOR2 controller possesses the ground-breaking intuitiveness to automatically detect in which direction the gate should be openingas well as which gate it should attempt to open first during the setup – andreverse the wires electronically.

So space-age is the technology inherent in this controller, that if it is unable to move one gate in either direction, it will automatically detect that perhaps it is trying to move the incorrect gate and not only swap the motor wires electronically, but effectively swap channels! This sort of fully automated process saves valuable time onsite.

In conclusion, one can surmise that the VECTOR2 linear swing gate motor is truly a marvel of modern engineering and ingenuity; its sleek, slim line design, easy-to-install construction and fast operating speed rivalled only by the incredible intelligence housed within its controller.

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