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The written word – that is, the expression of language through letters – has been around for ages and yet, in the greater historical context, it is a fairly recent communication medium. The exact origin of written language is difficult to pinpoint, especially since it seems to have evolved simultaneously in more than one civilisation, but examples of ancient written texts from around 3200 BC have survived in both Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, making these locations likely candidates for the historical epicentre of written communication.

By the time that writing (at least, in the modern sense) was invented, people had already started seeing it as a cultural tool, using it to share poetry and folktales.

However, some of the first civilisations – who were remarkably advanced for their time, especially in the fields of astronomy, mathematics and medicine – used a sort of picture writing system called glyphs to represent concepts and objects.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, using imagery to convey information is a tool that is still used in the twenty-first century, and the rise of technology – which often requires the user to grasp complicated technical concepts – has seen visual communication greatly simplifying processes that would have otherwise required reams of text to get the message across.

If you’ve ever set up an Internet router or navigated the menu structure of a new cellphone, chances are that you were guided by the modern, digital equivalent of glyphs.

This is what is known as a graphic user interface, or GUI, and it is this innovative technology that has made our gate motors and access control solutions some of the easiest and most intuitive on the market to set up and configure. As you will know by now, our brand essence is to make your life easier, and providing our customers with a superior user experience is just one of the ways in which we have stayed true to this mission statement.

Our D-Series range of gate motors exemplifies our love affair with all things high-tech combined with a penchant for simplicity; it’s the futuristic sensibilities that have always been so at home in the CENTURION stable processed through the engine of compelling innovation to deliver the ultimate in intuitiveness. Boasting an intelligent LCD plug ‘n play interface, the controller utilises an appropriately-named Setup Wizard (not of the Harry Potter variety) – with graphics – to guide you through the limit setup procedure, and configuring the operator’s many advanced features is veritable child’s play.

CENTURION: making your life easier with simplified setup and diagnostics.

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