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It’s safe to say that communication has come a long way since the days of deploying a carrier pigeon and hoping that the intended recipient didn’t have a particularly spiteful cat. Even when non-avian modes of delivery were employed, long, often perilous journeys meant that messages could take months to be delivered, if they were delivered at all. A king could send a meme to an ally in another kingdom, and wait half a year for said ally to reply with an “LOL” bearing the wax seal of his house.

When the Industrial Revolution finally rolled around, innovators and inventors from all corners of the globe started searching for more effective ways of sending messages over long distances; and so, the telegraph begat the landline, and the landline eventually begat mobile telephony.

It didn’t take long for developers to see the potential of mobile communication for performing functionality over and above voice and text conversations, and before long they were creating mini programs – what today is called apps – to offer users a wide range of mobile experiences, from banking to ordering food.

Having already launched a number of GSM-based solutions, including the innovative G-ULTRA, building an app that could be integrated with these intelligent devices was the logical next step.

And so was born G-REMOTE; an intuitive mobile app designed to unleash the full power of our GSM range. With lightning-fast remote activation of connected devices and status notifications pushed directly to the users’ phones, G-REMOTE enables users to control their homes from anywhere.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can do with your ULTRA device using the G-REMOTE app:

  • Instantly activate connected devices, for example gate motors, lights, sprinklers and alarm systems, by simply tapping on the associated (and customisable) icon
  • Receive status notifications on your phone, for example when your garage door is opening or your alarm has been armed
  • The G-REMOTE app boasts a dedicated screen displaying critical system information such as airtime balances and device signal strength.
  • The current IO status can be viewed on the Status Panel
  • Visible IOs can be configured for each Access Profile
  • Each G-REMOTE instance can have access to multiple devices

G-REMOTE is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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