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From the National Arts Theatre in Lagos, Nigeria, to the positively breath-taking PSPF Commercial Towers in Dar es Salaam, African visionaries have in recent years proven themselves capable of delivering some of the most beautiful and impressive structures that the world has ever seen. Blending the modern with the traditional, these buildings show the world through a uniquely African lens, perfectly capturing the inherently creative and innovative pulse of the continent and its people.

As widespread commercial development continues to sweep Africa – with countless new buildings being commissioned and completed on a daily basis – security has come under the microscope. And rightly so for, as any economist will tell you, where there is an investment, there is also risk. The two are directly proportional.

It’s safe to say that technology is our strongest ally when it comes to securing commercial sites, and continuous innovation in the fields of access control and access automation has placed unprecedented control at the fingertips of property developers, security integrators, installers and other professionals charged with ensuring the safety and security of commercial premises.

An access control staple, the traffic barrier remains a popular choice when it comes to restricting and controlling access, particularly on high-volume sites such as office parks, car dealerships, airports and even mines.

Centurion Systems is one of the foremost innovators in this arena, consistently delivering access automation solutions that set the standard in terms of reliability, functionality and performance.

As CENTURION export sales consultant Lester Mamanyoa puts it: “Security technology needs to keep up with current crime trends, and that has been the basis of [CENTURION’s] design philosophy. We don’t merely create products, we create solutions to real-world security challenges”.

The company’s flagship traffic barrier, the SECTOR II, provides excellent traffic control in a wide variety of settings. Equipped with dependable battery backup, the SECTOR II will continue working even during lengthy power outages, ensuring that security is never compromised. In addition, its intuitive LCD controller, packed with an abundance of high-security features, makes for exceptionally easy commissioning of the system, which will be welcome news for installers.

But why are traffic barriers effective in controlling access?

By providing a physical barrier that can only be bypassed by presenting valid credentials – for example via an integrated card or biometric reader or by pressing a button on an authorised remote control – traffic barriers such as the SECTOR II help to prevent unauthorised access, thereby not only safeguarding the building and its contents, but also the people inside.

The security of the system can further be enhanced by adding tyre killers – also known as roadway spikes – which will incapacitate vehicles (by shredding its tyres) attempting to circumvent the primary traffic control system. This is especially effective in preventing “tailgating”, whereby an unauthorised vehicle follows an authorised vehicle through the barrier.

CENTURION manufactures a robust range of tyre killers appropriately known as CLAWS. The spikes are available in different configurations, and are modular meaning that they can be scaled to the width of the particular entry or exit.

CENTURION’s extensive range of access automation solutions are available throughout Africa and the world via a network of distributors and installers.

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