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When it comes to providing your clients with the best possible experience and lasting peace of mind, the key word is quality, both in terms of the service you provide, as well as your choice of products and brands. Because, as everyone knows, who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy.

According to a 2021 report by Morning Consult, which surveyed more than 330,000 global consumers across 15 markets about brand trust, “[c]onsumers are willing to recommend a brand they trust to a friend (90%), to buy from a trusted brand more often (88%) and to choose a trusted brand over others (82%)”.

So, what does this data mean for installation professionals like you?

Simply put, it means that instilling trust in your clients is vital to ensuring return business, peer recommendations, and standing out from the competition.

By combining genuine CENTURION parts and comprehensive product training, you unlock the key to:

  • Attracting premium clients: Earn recognition and trust, attracting clients seeking top-tier expertise and reliable solutions.
  • Offering advanced services: Expand your service offerings with the skills to handle complex installations, and advanced maintenance.
  • Delivering exceptional service: Impress clients with flawless installations, proactive maintenance, and expert diagnostic skills.
  • Building lasting relationships: Earn client trust and loyalty by consistently exceeding expectations with CENTURION’s superior quality and reliability.
  • Minimising callbacks and repairs: Ensure smooth system operation and reduce client inconvenience with genuine, long-lasting parts.

Level-up your skills with comprehensive CENTURION product training, and:

  • Master in-depth knowledge: Our comprehensive training empowers you with the skills to confidently handle any CENTURION system, from installation to diagnostics.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Access exclusive training on the latest technologies and industry trends, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of your field.
  • Certificate of accreditation upon completion of assessments: Undertaking the necessary written product training assessments ensures not only solidifying the knowledge learnt during the product trainings, but you are also issued with a certificate of accreditation, helping to build trust amongst customers and positioning yourself as the “installer of choice” amongst clientele.

Don’t settle for just “installing.” Become a Green CENTURION Guardian today!

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