G-Remote App will no longer work After 31st August 2024

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You’ve been given the cold shoulder by manufacturers and service providers before. We get it. How does the saying go? Once bitten, twice shy. It’s natural to be a little apprehensive about parting with your hard-earned money not knowing if the person or business who happily accepted said money is going to be there when you need them. You want reassurance and, do you know what? You deserve reassurance. You have enough going on, what with work and family obligations, and the last thing you need is to be given the brush-off by someone not willing to uphold their end of the deal.

That’s why, in addition to giving you a reassuring 24-month carry-in warranty on all our gate motors, we have also implemented a variety of communication channels to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us, including a technical support call centre staffed by the most knowledgeable and experienced product specialists, nationwide branches and a social media presence where you can join the conversation online.

Whether you’re a long-time CENTURION customer in need of technical support or you’ve never bought from us before and looking for more information on our range, we want to make sure that you can reach us with minimal effort.

Worried about finding spares for your older gate motor? We’ve got your back and will continue to support discontinued products for up to ten years after they’ve been retired! Now that’s real peace of mind, the CENTURION way.

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