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Long gone are the days of gate motors serving a singular purpose:  that of opening and closing your entrance gate.  Mammoth strides have been made in the fields of gate automation and access control, with automation equipment being tailor-made to suit a plethora of applications, and offering the user hitherto unknown functionality.

“Welcome to the world of tomorrow”.  This is an oft-quoted phrase in science fiction movies and literature.  It conjures up images of hover cars and teleportation devices, cities in the sky and Artificial Intelligence – sentient devices that answer to our every beck and call.

Is it then such a great stretch of the imagination to say that we have already arrived there, in this proposed “world of tomorrow”?  With the space-age innovation that CENTURION has brought to the world of gate automation and access control, it doesn’t seem to be a stretch at all!  CENTURION strives to boldly go where no gate automation company has gone before, to paraphrase another sci-fi staple.

There has been a lot of talk of the so-called “Digital Age” of late, and we have incorporated the philosophy of a digitised – yet personal – approach to security and convenience into our range of gate automation and access control equipment.  Nowhere is this more evident than in our D-Series operators – revolutionary gate operators that make use of an intelligent controller complete with LCD display for easy setup and diagnostics.  The features inherent in the D-Series operators would be quite at home in any number of futuristic settings; especially the ChronoGuard timer functionality which allows the user to set auto-activations right through the year as well as time-barring inputs and outputs for greater security.  The Ambush Alarm and Break-in Alarm also enable the user to turn their infrared safety beams into hi-tech intruder detection devices.

Of course, the D-Series operators aren’t the only innovations that set CENTURION apart from other gate automation companies – far from it!  Only recently we launched the G-SWITCH-22, a GSM-based module designed with those seeking the ultimate in security and control in mind.  Mere years ago no-one would have imagined that it would be possible to monitor and control a gate from halfway across the world, but the G-SWITCH-22 has made this a reality.  By simply initiating a missed call from your mobile phone you will be able to control up to two different electrical devices.  Our fast-paced lifestyles dictate that we also be able to monitor certain appliances remotely and again this almost unimaginable convenience is made possible by the G-SWITCH-22’s dual inputs.

Apart from safety, it really is convenience that we as human beings living in the 21st Century are after.  We demand ease of installation and ease of use.  CENTURION has once again stepped to the forefront of innovation with the recent launch of the SMARTGUARDair completely wireless access control keypad.  The SMARTGUARDair works in much the same way as a remote control transmitter, with the added benefit of being able to activate 15 different channels, and is powered by two AA alkaline batteries.  From the moment that the keypad is powered up to when it is completely set up and ready to use should take no more than a minute or two, which will without a doubt prove invaluable in an age where time has taken on a certain monetary value.

Other products available from Centurion Systems include intercoms, proximity tag readers,traffic barriers and traffic barrier accessories.

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