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Most scholars agree that, in the Digital Age, information has become our main form of currency and, as the principal force behind economic, social and cultural development, this certainly appears to be the case. Indeed, with the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web, and especially its integration with smartphones, we have a world of information literally at our fingertips. Not since the invention of the printing press in 1440 has knowledge been so easily accessible and available to so many people.

If information is the currency, then data is the medium through which it is exchanged and has enabled us to make use of services such as streaming content and sending instant messages.

With our G-ULTRA GSM solution and G-REMOTE app, you can do more with data than you ever thought possible. We just launched an exciting new SIM card programme with the ULTRA that gives you free data for the life of the product when using the app*, so you can do things like:

Control your gate

Open and close your gate from anywhere using your smartphone. Need to let in garden services or a maintenance crew while you’re away? No problem! Just tap the app!

Master your garden

Not only can you switch your sprinklers on and off from your phone, you can schedule automatic activations for specific times to control the system for you.

Intelligently monitor your gate status

Know what your gate is doing at all times with seamless integration with CENTURION gate motors. You can configure the system to let you know via push notification if, for example, your gate is opening or has been left open. That’s ULTRA security!

Schedule access control

Give restricted access to individuals for specific entry and exit. Ideal for B & Bs and guesthouses.

Arm your alarm

Forgot to arm the alarm before you left home? Don’t turn the car around! Arm, disarm and activate your alarm from your phone and receive notifications if it is triggered.

Rule your pool

Use your phone to activate the pool pump, or even set it to activate automatically.

Remotely monitor fluid levels

Check the status of your home fish pond or borehole from anywhere at any time.

Get your G-ULTRA with free data for life today!

Terms and Conditions

  • Free data is only applicable when using the G REMOTE app; tokens will need to be purchased when making use of SMS notifications
  • It is still necessary to purchase airtime/tokens for voice communication on the G-SPEAK ULTRA
  • Call and SMS tokens will never expire
  • Rejected voice calls will not use tokens
  • All token balances are stored on the SIM card
  • SIM cards are device locked and can only be used in G-ULTRA and G-SPEAK products
  • Firmware required on devices: 2.x.8 or later (2G) and 2.x.8 or later (3G)
  • Solution only valid if the device is installed and used in South Africa with MTN network coverage
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