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We are living in an age of what has been cleverly called “technological bounty”. This means that technology is so plentiful, and so compelling, that it makes up a considerable part of our social architecture, and it’s certainly enabled some brilliant thinkers, inventors and innovators to let their imagination soar.

Of course, historical innovations made life a lot easier. From the invention of paper currency in 7th century China to Karl Benz perfecting the modern automobile through his work on the internal combustion engine, pure human ingenuity has been the building blocks of civilisation since time immemorial.

However, it is only fairly recently that we have started seeing technology as the driving force behind societal change in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0), a term coined by founder and chairperson of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab.

As Schwab succinctly puts it:

“The more we think about how to harness the technology revolution, the more we will examine ourselves and the underlying social models that these technologies embody and enable, and the more we will have an opportunity to shape the revolution in a manner that improves the state of the world”.

Industry 4.0 set the stage for a wave of innovation, and entire industries are being transformed as technology is adopted, implemented and, in many instances, perfected.

While smart technology isn’t necessarily a product of this trend, with basic systems introduced as early as the mid-1960s, it has certainly become more robust, sophisticated and versatile as integration, digitisation, automation and data exchange become the norm.

When we introduced the D10 commercial slider just over a decade ago, it was a radical departure from the “flashing LED” commissioning system that preceded it, and when we updated the celebrated D5 domestic operator with this GUI-based technology, the D5-Evo quickly became our flagship operator.

This installer-friendly approach cemented our place as a foremost innovator in the access automation space, and it is in our proud tradition of compelling innovation that we are bringing you our most captivating technology yet: SMART. With over 35 years of creating the best experiences for our clients all over the world, and as a noteworthy pioneer in the field, we are taking things to the next level to deliver the next generation in automation excellence.

This is how our SMART technology will save you time and effort and make your life easier:

  • Lightning-fast electronic commissioning from a mobile app, with graphic wizards to guide you through every step
  • App-based management of remote controls
  • Advanced diagnostics and monitoring of system health, including the health of the controller, batteries and charger
  • Quick and easy configuration of features, operating modes and run profiles
  • The app comes with built-in installation manuals and wiring diagrams
  • SMART TV – an all-access pass to SMART video content and tutorials on YouTube
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