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It’s a fact that everything we do as humans is the result of some motivation – whether internal or external – and with some goal or objective in mind. For example, we exercise because we want to get in shape and lead a healthier life; we work hard to provide for our families and satisfy needs of self-actualisation: the fulfilment of our talents and potentialities; some of us make it a point to regularly go on vacation to take a break and enjoy some rest and respite. Or you may have more altruistic motivations, for example helping to protect the environment or uplifting your community by donating to a specific charity.

As a brand, we realise the importance of building a story around our offerings and arming everyone involved in our business with a unifying, empowering message, giving depth to our unique selling proposition and going beyond the many features offered by our products.

It is with this in mind that we place your security and peace of mind at the very front of every design choice, knowing that your home is a space you’ve created for luxury, comfort and convenience and helping you to complete the picture with the latest gate automation technology, designed and manufactured by the global frontrunners to make your life easier and give you outstanding security.

Uniquely styled to give your gate not only function but also flair and finesse, our gate solutions open and close rapidly so you never have to wait in your driveway, giving you the edge in terms of security.

CENTURION has been the South African market leader in access automation for nearly four decades, and we have built our brand around giving people not only a solution but also the feeling you get when you know you and your loved ones are safe and secure. Every product we design is informed by the sensibilities and values of a family, and processed through the engine of compelling innovation, because we know what’s important to us, and we strive to use the best technology to give you what’s important to you.

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