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Providing a safe and comfortable environment for employees and clients is an integral and indispensable part of any enterprise. It is becoming increasingly important to optimise the various ecologies in which people work and relax, weaving ergonomics and convenience into the very architecture of buildings.

Automated doors provide easy access to everyone using a particular facility, and offers a number of unique benefits that you might not have thought of before now.


Objects and surfaces that are frequently touched, for example door handles, are vectors for germs, meaning that disease-causing pathogens can easily spread through contact. Automatic doors promote hygiene through contactless operation, helping to prevent the spread of germs and making them the ideal solution for environments where sanitation is paramount such as food processing plants, laboratories, hospitals, doctors’ offices and even public restrooms.


Think of some of the most common settings in which automatic doors are used, such as shopping centres, airports and hotels. Wherever you have large numbers of people entering and leaving a area, it becomes a necessity to ensure smooth and convenient passage. Being hands-free, automatic doors can be operated by everyone, even if they are carrying armfuls of groceries or luggage.

Barrier-free access

Buildings need to be responsive to the needs of all members of society. Automatic doors ensure easy, barrier-free passage to people of all ages and physical abilities.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Automatic doors identify the direction of transit and perfectly optimise opening and closing times to avoid unnecessary air dispersion, even in the event of sideways transit. This promotes energy saving and optimises sudden temperature changes in the room and in the vicinity of doors, thereby reducing the facility’s carbon footprint and protecting the environment as well as driving down energy costs.

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