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It’s no secret that technology (and therefore the world) is changing at an incredible pace. The things that must have seemed like science fiction to past generations are now very much a reality as machines race ahead and accomplish astonishing feats that are nothing short of mind-blowing. From self-driving cars to robots that win game shows, the future seems to have truly arrived, bringing with it some of the most brilliant innovations and inventions in human history.

But how has technological development changed the workplace?

Well, for one thing, it’s transcending physical space (something that we’ve seen more of in the past year or so) with more and more people taking to working remotely thanks to communication technologies such as Skype and Zoom. But it’s also changed how we interact with our environment, making tasks easier and less complicated than in the past.

With so much innovation taking place, and with entire industries being transformed through the power of evolving technologies, why should the way you install stay the same?

In this article, we’re listing five reasons to go SMART.

Making your life easier

For 35 years, we’ve been a trailblazer in the access automation space. Battery backup gave you more reliability, the SMARTGUARDair wireless keypad gave you the ultimate in flexibility and ease of installation, and the D5-Evo became an access automation legend.

And now, our award-winning SMART technology is taking the CENTURION experience to the next level.

Every aspect of our SMART technology has been developed to give you an access automation experience unlike any other. From its unique and innovative mechanical footprint for streamlined installation to its many advanced features easily configurable via the tie-in mobile app, SMART is truly the intelligent choice.

  • Whip-smart mechanical design makes the unit quick, easy and seamless to install
  • Lightning-fast electronic commissioning with just a few taps using an intuitive and interactive mobile application with graphic wizards
  • Easy management of remote controls
  • Intelligent diagnostic feedback and monitoring of system health in real-time

Using technology to empower you

With our SMART technology, we’re putting intelligence and convenience at your fingertips, and the app will guide you through everything from setting the gate limits to programming functionality for the up to 1500 individual remotes that can be stored in the system’s memory. You’ll also have access to a huge suite of features, including configuring infrared beams and intruder-detection alarms, giving your client the very best in security and peace of mind.

Revolutionising installation

Our SMART technology prioritises the installer experience not only from a mechanical installation perspective, but through the digitisation of touchpoints, most notably the interface used for commissioning the system, which is completely app-based. This innovative approach enables you to master the solution with minimal effort and manual intervention – the app does virtually everything for you! Flipping through the app’s screens and settings, you’ll find everything to tailor the installation exactly to your client’s preferences, from the gate speed to automatic closing, all with clear, full-colour graphic depictions to make your life easier.

Giving your clients the best that the world of access automation has to offer

Our SMART technology has enabled us to deliver the fastest gate motor in its class for the best security and convenience, featuring the most innovative theft protection on the market and reliable dual battery backup to make it ready for any power outage.

Harnessing expandability and unleashing the power of SMART

CENTURION SMART solutions boast a stylish, modern design with elegant lines and bold contours, making them an excellent addition to any gate. Now, let’s take a look under the hood. Underneath the unit’s striking exterior, you’ll not only find its ultra-sophisticated electronics designed to deliver outstanding reliability and functionality, but the interior is spacious and includes a dedicated accessory tray where you can neatly, safely and securely stow complementary solutions such as GSM devices to give your clients a truly powerful security system.

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