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HBO’s sword-and-sorcery epic Game of Thrones reached its climactic conclusion last month, causing a massive uproar on the Internet over the award-winning series’ hugely divisive final episode.

While it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever need to face off against an army of undead warriors, life in contemporary society does call for us to “fortify our battlements” against the onslaught of crime. A pair of flame breathing dragons would undoubtedly have come in handy for guarding purposes (not to mention being the coolest mode of transportation around) but, alas, these mythical creatures exist only in the world of fantasy.  Pity, really.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other, non-dragon-related steps that we can take when it comes to improving our security.

As one of the main entry points to our homes, and as the place where one of our most valuable assets – namely our vehicles – is housed, the garage requires special attention from a security standpoint.

Below, we’ve listed some tips for securing your garage door:

Automate your garage door

There are plenty of benefits to having your garage door automated. Besides being undeniably convenient, an automated door saves you having to leave the safety of your vehicle to open and close said door, which could make you a soft target for criminals. In addition, many modern garage door operators come equipped with automatic closing functionality, ensuring that the door closes securely behind you.

Install a door sensor

Or, even better, install a door sensor and connect it to one of our intelligent and versatile G-ULTRA GSM solutions. This will enable you to remotely monitor your garage door and be alerted on your cellphone in the event that the door is tampered with or forced open.

Fit GDO Stoppers

GDO Stoppers are clever mechanical devices from CENTURION that fit directly onto the track and locks the door in the closed position, thereby preventing the door from being forced open. Should a power failure or system malfunction render your garage door vulnerable, the GDO Stoppers will provide the necessary security.

Don’t leave remote controls in the car

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so be sure to keep remote controls well out of sight.

Use a courtesy light

Many garage door operators come with courtesy lights already fitted. The light will automatically switch on whenever the door is operated, reducing the likelihood of criminals using the cover of darkness to carry out an attack.

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