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Added Security for Garage Doors

Thanks to CENTURION’s new GDO Stoppers, it’s never been easier to beef up your garage door’s security.
The Stoppers can be installed in a matter of minutes, fitting effortlessly onto the garage door track and helping to ensure that the door can’t be forced open in the event of a lengthy power failure or system malfunction.
It’s so easy…yet so effective!

Main features:

  • Helps to protect garage doors against unwanted entry
  • Unbelievably easy to install – fits directly onto the garage door track
  • Compatible with the vast majority of domestic garage doors
  • Easy for the user to remove once automation has been restored

Here are some bonus tips to ensure that your garage door is as secure as possible:

  • Enable your operator’s automatic closing functionality – if it is equipped with such a feature – to ensure that the door closes behind you
  • Install a door sensor and connect it to a GSM device so that you are notified in the event that the door is being forced open or tampered with
  • Don’t leave remote controls in your car
  • Install a garage door opener with a courtesy light
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