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Thin and elegant



Thanks to its compact dimensions, the CENTURION A1000 door automation system can be adapted to suit virtually any type of architectural environment, even in limited space conditions. All the most innovative technical features in just a few centimetres. For the utmost versatility of use, the A1000 Series can be adapted to sliding doors with single leaves with a maximum weight of 110 kg or with double leaves with a maximum weight of 70 kg per leaf.

Excellent logic in real time

A microprocessor verifies in real-time all door activities and guarantees intelligent control. The operation logic can be selected by means of a functions keypad.

Absolute safety

The A1000 Series automatically programs opening and closing force and speed according to the friction and the door weight in conformity with the relevant international safety standards. An A1000 system also guarantees considerable energy savings as with regards to airconditioning and the total removal of architectural barriers.

Reliable and always sliding

Designed to operate at best on each occasion and in every environment, the A1000 door automation system is automatically reliable, without limits on the frequency of use. In the event of a power cut, backup batteries (optional) with charge control guarantee 100% operation for up to thirty minutes.

In the event of an obstacle being detected, the door reopens immediately. On the next closing, it verifies at slow speed whether the obstacle is still present.

Electric power supply 115/230 VAC - 50 (60) Hz
Power consumption 100 W
Frequency of use 100%
Drive unit 24V DC motor and encoder
Head profile length VP x 2 + 100 mm
Load free opening adjustment 5 to 70 cm/s
Load free closing adjustment 5 to 70 cm/s
Partial opening adjustment 10% to 90% of total opening
Pause time adjustment 0 to 30 s
Night pause time adjustment 0 to 240 s
Anti-crushing device Standard
Photocells fail-safe Standard (can be excluded)
Protection class IP 23 (for indoor use only)
Environmental temperature 0 to 30 s

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