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Open and close in absolute silence

The CENTURION 950N door automation system with integrated spring opens and closes doors elegantly and silently.

Versatile and elegant

The CENTURION 950N door automation system (with spring closing system) can be installed both on the lintel and directly on to the structure of the door. It guarantees perfect compatibility and interchangeability with previous 950BM/BSM models. The housing covering the automated system can be supplied in anodised aluminium or in molded ABS in an innovative design, making it possible to fit a passive infrared detection sensor inside it. The 950N automated system is also able to automate double-leaf entrances by interfacing the two units in a master/slave configuration and the double leaf will be moved by a single automated system.

Safe and intelligent

The door automation system features two control boards, namely the 950MPS control board and the 950 I/O (input / output).

A microprocessor controls all the activities of the door in real-time and an encoder detects its angular position. Moreover, the operating logic (automatic, manual, night, open) can be selected by means of an integrated selector.

Built-in conformity with the new European safety standards, speed and force are programmed according to the size of the door. If an obstacle is detected, the door re-opens immediately and, as it closes, it verifies, at slow speed, the removal of the obstacle.

Powerful and reliable

Thanks to the accurate selection of the mechanical and electronic components, depending on the leaf length and arm used, our 950N automated system is able to move leaves weighing over 300 kg on continuous duty, while always maintaining absolute operational safety.

Automatic adjustments

Determination of position: “open” and “closed”

Measurement of the weight and friction of the leaves.

Selection of optimal speed, acceleration and deceleration

Photocell test

Power supply 220-240V AC~ - 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power 100 W
Use frequency Continuous
Drive unit 24V DC motor with encoder
Activation Electro-mechanical with/without return spring
Anti-crushing device Standard supply
Dimensions 530 x 100 x 104 mm (LxHxD)
Weight 10 kg
Protection class IP 23
Opening angle 70° to 95°
Opening speed Adjustable from 30% to 100%
Closing speed Adjustable from 30% to 100%
Pause time Adjustable from 1 to 30 sec.
Standard operating functions Automatic-manual-open
Activation arms in stainless steel Articulated to push With short sliding block With standard sliding block
Housing cover Aluminium or Plastic

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