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Surge protector for gate motors

Besides the obvious inconvenience of power outages (and the attendant traffic nightmare!), the voltage spike when the power comes back on can irreparably damage electronic equipment, including gate motor controllers.

Introducing our brand new plug-in surge protector for gate motors.

This incredibly clever device simply plugs into your mains connector, and offers reliable protection against lightning strikes, voltage spikes and incoming power fluctuations with seamless integration with CENTURION gate motors including the D5-Evo, D10 and D10 Turbo. Our surge protector for gate motors makes your life easier by saving on installation time with virtually no wiring required, and is your gate motor’s first line of defence against potentially destructive power surges.

CENTURION’s surge protector for gate motors has an internal temperature fuse that will disconnect the power to the device in the event of an overload or fault, ensuring that the plastic housing won’t catch fire. This technology makes for a particularly safe energy suppression solution. The system works by diverting surge energy to earth before it reaches the gate motor controller.


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