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Open and close in absolute comfort

The CENTURION A951 door automation system smoothly and silently controls door opening and closing. It allows users to easily open doors via a button, sensor or a remote control. Thanks to the PUSH&GO function, just a touch completely opens the door.

Versatile and elegant in only 7cm of space

The CENTURION A951 door automation system can be installed both on the lintel and directly on to the structure of the door, providing flexibility and easy installation (thanks to the fixing plate and low weight). The housing cover is made from anodised aluminium that complements its aesthetics. The A951 automated system is also able to automate double-leaf entrances by interfacing the two units in a master/ slave configuration.The double leaf will be driven by a single automated system for the highest degree of synchronisation of the leaves guaranteed through CAN-BUS communication.

Safe and intelligent

The A951 features a microprocessor controlling all the door activities in real time, with an encoder detecting its angular position in every moment. Additionally, the operating logic (automatic, manual, night, open) can be selected by means of a lateral selector. Manufactured in compliance with the new European safety standards EN16005, the A951 automated system can operate in low energy or manage EN16005 radar monitoring such as the new laser sensor XPB SCAN.

Silent and low-energy consumption

Thanks to the accurate selection of mechanical and electronic components, the A951 door automation system can silently drive leaves weighing up to 100 kg on continuous duty, ensuring absolute operating safety at all times and offering significant energy savings both during standby and operation.

Power supply voltage 220-240V AC~ - 50/60 Hz
Max. Power 100 W
Use Frequency 100 W
Motor Motor-powered at 24V
Max. accessories load 1A - 24V
Electric lock power supply voltage (N.O./N.C.) 24V / 500mA max
Dimensions (LxHxD) 575x60x70 mm
Weight 7Kg
Operation in case of power cut Manual push/pull opening
Max Leaf opening angle 100° to 125°
Opening leaf time 4 to 10 s (adjustable)
Closing leaf time 4 to 10 s (adjustable)
Partial opening adjustment Standard (adjustable)
Pause time 0 to 30 s
Night pause time 0 to 90 s
Encoder As standard
Protection Sensor monitoring As standard (may be excluded)
Low energy movement As standard (may be excluded)
Operating ambient temperature -20°c to +55°C
Protection class IP 23 (for internal use only)
Compliance with regulations EN16005; EN61000-6-2; EN61000-6-3 ; EN13849

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