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Introducing the ultimate security companion for your gate and garage door: the Smart Siren, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing SMART gate and garage door motors. This compact powerhouse packs a punch, delivering ultimate peace of mind with its high-tech security features.

Unleash the Alarm, Not the Intruder:

  • Instant Alerts: Get notified the moment tampering is detected, preventing potential gate operator theft or break-in attempts
  • Loud & Clear: Don’t let its compact size fool you! The Smart Siren blasts a commanding “high peak” sound, scaring off intruders before they even enter
  • Discreet Defender: Hidden inside your gate post, it remains invisible to would-be thieves, providing an unexpected surprise
  • Built to Last: Rain or shine, day or night, the Smart Siren’s splash-proof design ensures reliable protection in any weather
  • Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly with both 12V and 24V CENTURION SMART motors, offering unmatched flexibility

More Than Just an Alarm:

The Smart Siren adds an extra layer of security, working in tandem with your existing CENTURION SMART system. Enjoy the seamless integration and comprehensive protection that only a trusted brand can deliver.

Upgrade your security. Upgrade your peace of mind. Get the Centurion Systems Smart Siren today!

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