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The first automated system for sliding doors designed to meet the needs of the market as well as protect our environment.  Thanks to the system’s innovative “Energy Saving” device it identifies the direction of transit and perfectly optimises opening/closing times to avoid unnecessary air dispersion, even in the event of sideways transit. This device allows energy saving and optimises sudden temperature changes in the room and in the vicinity of doors. All in absolute safety.

The A1400 Air features an ethernet interface for setting the operating parameters of the automated system and viewing the fault diagnostics with a PC connected to the network.

The A1400 Air door automation system is customisable and modular to meet the architectural and technical needs of the customer. Thanks to the two different covers, the exclusive leaf fitting systems and the different leaf profiles that can be used, it is possible to create the best technical and architectural solution.

Designed to operate at best in any condition and in any environment, the A1400 door automation system is the optimum solution for those technicians who wish to save assembly time, by rationalising the inventories for the end-user who will have full access to a product that is personalised, ecological, reliable, safe, technologically-advanced and, above all, that will pay for itself over time.

Electric power supply 115/230 VAC - 50 /60 Hz
Power consumption 100 W
Frequency of use 100%
Drive unit 24V DC with encoder
Head profile length VP x 2 + 100 mm
Opening speed (adjustable) 5 to 80 cm/sec. / 10 to 160 cm/sec.
Closing speed (adjustable) 5 to 70 cm/sec. / 10 to 140 cm/sec.
Partial opening adjustment 10% to 90% of total opening
Pause Time adjustment 0 to 30 sec.
Night pause Time adjustment 0 to 240 sec.
Anti-crushing device Standard
Photocells fail safe Standard (can be excluded)
Protection class IP 23 (for indoor use only)
Environmental temperature -20°C to + 55°C
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