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The act of learning is one of the most enriching of all human endeavours. Whether through formal education or life experience, we are constantly acquiring new knowledge and new skills. Learning helps us to grow, both as individuals and as members of society, where we can, in turn, impart our skills and knowledge onto others and use it for the benefit of our respective communities.

Then, there is also the matter of professionalisation.

The Industrial Revolution marked a turning point in history, and the widespread implementation of machinery to replace formerly manual processes and the strong emphasis on productivity resulted in merchants and entrepreneurs enjoying more status than other professions. Naturally, this decline in status compelled practitioners of other professions, including the technical field, to seek ways of protecting the integrity and respectability of their respective fields, and in so doing prevent charlatans from damaging the reputation of the profession as a whole.

Through the process of professionalisation – of which training forms the backbone – technicians are able to establish a certain status within society, as well as ensuring that the work done is always of the highest quality.

Below, we’ve listed 5 tips for getting the most out of your training at CENTURION.

Ask plenty of questions

Training at CENTURION, in contrast to the classic classroom setup, is a two-way discourse that encourages students to ask as many questions as possible so that they may get the most out of the content. All questions are valid, and our professional technical trainers will always try their best to provide you with a competent and comprehensive answer.

Participate in classroom discussions

As stated above, our training sessions are highly interactive, so everyone benefits from classroom discussions since there is a free exchange of knowledge, ideas and insights.

Switch off your electronics

As an installer or technician, it’s important to be available for call-outs, quotes and queries from customers. That said, taking a call or answering a text or email during a training session will not only be to your own detriment, but is likely to disturb your classmates and disrupt the class. So take a break from being connected.

Take notes

CENTURION training workshops cover plenty of ground, including theoretical principles and technical aspects, so it’s a good idea to jot down some notes on the pads that are typically provided at each session. However, it’s also important to pay close attention to what the facilitator is saying, and he or she will generally let you know when it’s time for note-taking.

Keep an open mind

One of the great things about our classes is that everyone brings their own knowledge and experience to the classroom. Some of our students are brand new to access automation and have a fresh perspective on the trade, while others have been installing for years and have a wealth of knowledge to contribute. The point is, don’t be afraid to learn from others – that’s the whole point of training!

We look forward to seeing you at the next training session.

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