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Full-height and waist-height pedestrian turnstiles.
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Turn to us for the best pedestrian turnstiles

Looking to enhance security at your office, factory or warehouse while streamlining operational efficiency? Then turn to us for the best pedestrian turnstiles, boasting simplified installation and maintenance, modern design and IP65-rated protection.

We offer a comprehensive range of full-height and waist-height turnstiles designed to make your life easier with innovative technical features and robust construction, not to mention some of the lowest energy consumption levels in the industry.

Improved reliability

Integral proximity sensors ensure that your turnstile performs optimally in any environment, no matter how demanding, while a rotary solenoid offers 100% duty cycle with a mean life of more than 50 million cycles. In addition, the use of stainless steel and engineering plastic means that your client can look forward to many years of reliable service from their turnstiles.


Our turnstiles require minimal wiring, meaning that they can be installed and commissioned quickly and easily. To make your life even easier, CENTURION turnstiles are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. We also provide a floor template for simplified installation.

Greater security

Thanks to its clever design, CENTURION turnstiles’ overhead space can be closed off to prevent people from climbing over. The mechanism can be accessed through a side entry.

Easy handling

The rotor is fully collapsible for easy handling and moving through restricted spaces.

Low energy consumption

Our turnstiles have been designed to offer your clients maximum performance without pushing up their utility bills, and their unique PWM technology ensures the lowest power consumption in the industry.

Full-height and waist-height turnstiles

We offer a complete range of patented turnstiles and are able to customise to any requirement. Motorised turnstiles are also available. Our turnstiles offer amongst the lowest energy consumption levels in the industry helping our users to save on their energy spend from day one.


• Improved reliability thanks to proximity sensors
• Built-in Fail Safe/Fail Secure changeover options
• Rotary solenoids offer 100% duty cycle with a mean life of >50 million cycles
• Improved reliability and longevity using stainless steel and engineering plastics
• Easy installation of mechanism
• Minimal wiring required
• Anti-tamper design
• Maintenance-free
• Rotor automatically returns to locked position

• 24 V DC system
• N/O output to connect to 3rd party device for fault reporting
• Customisable rotation timer – preventing from passing through turnstile per single rotation
• Authorised anti-passback up to three transactions in one direction
• Unique PWM technology ensuring lowest power consumption (15W max., 8W standby, less
than 1W in Fail Secure Mode)

• Effortless installation with floor installation template
• Modern design
• Overhead space can be closed off thanks to side access to mechanism (as per image below)
• Collapsible rotor for easy handling and moving through restricted space
• Easy access to mechanism through side entry
• Clever design ensures that mounting bolts do not pose tripping hazard
• IP65-rated protection provided for electronics and mechanism
• Flat pack design saving on freight costs

  • Half-height/waist-high pedestrian turnstiles – available in mechanical and motorised models.
  • 3-arm turnstiles – available in single, double and double advertisement variants.
  • 4-arm turnstiles – available in single, double and double advertisement variants.
  • Man-trap turnstiles – for enhanced security requirements.
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