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While every season certainly has its virtues, none seems to capture the imagination and creative spirit of the artistically-inclined quite like spring. From classic poetry to contemporary art, the blushing beauty of spring is enough to make anyone wax lyrical and, with its kaleidoscope of pastel colours, sweet fragrances and gentle sunshine, it’s a season that engages all the senses. The bishop Reginald Heber perhaps captured the magic and majesty of spring best when he said “[it] unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil”.

It’s also the season of rebirth and renewal (hence “spring cleaning”), and many of us will be taking a broom to the dustiest corners of our homes, tackling the garden and getting out of bed to go on that early morning run that fell by the wayside while we were in the icy grip of winter.

With their bright new look and innovative, ergonomic design (that won an award, might we add), our NOVA remote controls are the perfect accessory to spruce up your security this spring. For a device with such a cheerful exterior, the NOVA takes your security very seriously, and uses code-hopping technology to encrypt the signals that it transmits so that your remotes can’t be copied or cloned. NOVA remotes are compatible with all CENTURION code-hopping receivers – including the one built into our award-winning D5 SMART gate motor – so you can control all your access automation devices as well as lights and other equipment from a single NOVA remote, available in one-, two- and four-button variants.

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