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In William Shakespeare’s famous play Julius Caesar, a soothsayer warns the emperor to “beware the Ides of March”, presumably because that turn of phrase sounds a lot more ominous and dramatic than “Yo, Caesar, mark off the 15th on your calendar because something super bad is going to happen to you, and it’s going to involve your BFF, Brutus”. (Et tu, Brute, anyone?)

Of course, the play is a dramatisation of reality, because Caesar did indeed have a rather unfortunate date with destiny on the presaged date.

You’ll be relieved to know that there’s no reason to fear the Ides, or any other day of the year for that matter, because our wide range of security solutions ensures that even the kind of crafty villains dreamed up by the Great Bard are sure to meet their match by that most esteemed and respected of sentries, the CENTURION. (In keeping with the Roman theme).

Let’s check them out:

Gate motors

As the access automation leader, our range of swing and sliding gate motors is the toughest, most reliable and robust on the market, offering exceptional security with a host of advanced features to help keep you and your family safe and the baddies at bay.

Why choose CENTURION gate motors?

  • High-speed opening and closing for the best security – helps to prevent hijacking and tailgating
  • Built from the most durable materials for reliable operation in any environment
  • Dependable battery backup for continued operation during power outages – uninterrupted security and convenience
  • High-security features including beam alarms and automatic closing

Garage door motors

Have a garage? Then CENTURION has a motor for you! Whether your garage door is a sectional, tip-up or roll-up, we offer a range of reliable automation solutions boasting whisper-quiet operation and extended battery backup, not to mention easy installation and commissioning to make life easier for your installer.

Access control

Unlock the future with CENTURION’s sophisticated access control solutions, which include keypads (wireless and hard-wired models available) with a memory capable of storing up to 1000 unique access codes, biometric readers, as well as our award-winning NOVA remote controls boasting ultra-secure code-hopping technology.

GSM solutions

Monitor and control your home from anywhere using your phone and our innovative GSM products.

  • Activate up to six different appliances or solutions including gate motors, sprinklers, lighting, alarm systems and pool pumps
  • Monitor fluid levels, gate motor status, alarm armed/disarmed and even mains power
  • Free activations and notifications for life with the G-REMOTE mobile app
  • Suitable for a wide variety of access automation applications
  • Automatic scheduling and time-barring – perfect for B & Bs and guesthouses
  • G-SPEAK ULTRA lets you answer your intercom from anywhere
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