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Nothing beats a good story, and the story of how CENTURION became the South African market leader in gate automation has all the ingredients of a truly epic tale.

It all started when husband and wife team Pat and Anne Dickens – our heroes, if you will – embarked on an epic quest to bring security and convenience to the masses. As with any narrative, there was no shortage of challenges and obstacles along the way, and the fledgling company faced many of the hardships that often befall new businesses. The fact that gate automation was virtually unknown in South Africa at the time, coupled with a complicated and changing macro environment, must have made introducing a completely new concept particularly difficult.

How, then, has CENTURION managed to thrive and grow into the access automation giant that it is today?

The truth is that there is no single thing that enabled the brand to become a household name, but rather a combination of compelling innovation, a commitment to quality and a brand essence built upon making life easier for its many customers.

But perhaps the single most important element that has endured for the past thirty years is a sense of family.

Indeed, Pat and Anne were joined very early on by Anne’s brother, Richard Rohman – now the company’s managing director – and the three Dickens boys have all served in the CENTURION ranks at one time or another, lending their considerable skills in the fields of finance, engineering and information technology to the business’ growing pool of talent.

However, the Dickens’ emphasis on community and family values has never been limited to those who are related to them, but is shared by every CENTURION employee. In fact, it is far from uncommon for a member of the team to refer to their colleagues as the “CENTURION family”. This culture even extends into the way that we treat our customers, and we go to great lengths to treat every person who deals with us with honesty, integrity and respect, as we would an actual family member.

When you choose CENTURION for your access automation needs, you are never merely a customer; you are part of a great tradition built upon the bedrock of that most sacred of units: the family.

What does it mean to be part of the CENTURION family?

  • It means that you will always receive world-class service and support
  • It means that you will deal with warm and friendly staff
  • It means that you will be treated with honesty and respect
  • It means that, no matter who you are or where you’re from, you’ll always feel at home with the green gate motor brand
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