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This is such a nifty feature we reckoned it would be a crime if we didn’t boast just a little bit.  The functionality is almost limitless, and it’s bound to change the face of home automation.


What it is:

Unique timer technology inherent in our D-Series operators (D5-Evo, D10, D10 Turbo and SECTOR). 

What it can do for you:

Using a Real Time Clock and Calendar (RTC), ChronoGuard enables the user to add up to a hundred different Time-periods. 

These Time-periods can be divided into two distinct feature sets, namely:

Auto-activations:  Auto-activation allows inputs such as Free-exit, Pedestrian Opening, the Courtesy Light, Holiday Lockout and even safety beams to automatically be activated at certain times of the day, week or year.

Time-barring of inputs:  This facility allows inputs, such as remote controls or hard-wired devices, to be barred from working at certain times. 

So far, it all probably seems like a bunch of technical jargon with no real bearing on everyday life.  So let’s look at it in practical terms.

Say, for example, that you have a sprinkler system at home.  It can be a downright pain in the neck to try and remember to switch it on at a specific time of the day (four o clock in the afternoon, for instance) and then to switch it off again half an hour later, lest you waste prescious water. 

By connecting the sprinkler system to the Auxiliary output of your CENTURION D-Series controller and then setting up an Auto-activation to trigger the XIO output every day at 16:00 and then deactivate it at 16:30, you would have essentially passed the buck to your gate motor – and it never forgets!

Another instance of where ChronoGuard would be useful is in cases where you need your gate to automatically open.  Perhaps you have a garden service that comes every day at 10:00.  It would be a schlep to ensure that someone is at home to let them in every day, so why not let your trusty CENTURION gate motor take care of it for you?

Simply enable an Auto-activation to trigger FRX (remembering to set your Autoclose so that the gate will close again!) and Bob’s your uncle!  As if by magic, open Sesame!

 So that’s Auto-activation.  What’s this Time-barring business all about?

Time-barring literally stops certain inputs from working at times defined by you.  In other words, say you own a business and you have given all your employees remote controls.  However, they only work from Monday and Friday and, for security reasons, you don’t want anyone having access to the premises over weekends. 

Using ChronoGuard, you can bar RF inputs over the weekends and anyone hoping to work some “unscheduled overtime” will be met by a gate refusing to acknowledge their remote’s signal.  From a security point of view, this puts you at a considerable advantage.  Even if you have other access control devices such as keypads and proximity card readers installed, you need simply time-bar physical inputs as well to ensure that there’s no way in after hours.

 Where you can find it:

ChronoGuard is a standard feature on the D5-Evo, D10 and D10 Turbo sliding gate motors as well as the SECTOR vehicle traffic barrier, all of which are available from Centurion Systems and leading security outlets.
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