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The Digital Age, the Second Machine Age, the Fourth Industrial Revolution – whatever you want to call it, there’s no denying the fact that technology has been the thrust behind the forward momentum that has led humanity to explore ever more innovative and imaginative vistas in the pursuit of computational riches. This epoch, marked by intelligence and interconnectedness on a global scale has laid myriad wonders at our feet, and the ascent up the technological ladder – each rung a society-changing advancement – is taking human ingenuity to truly staggering heights.

Like all great movements of a transformative nature, the advent of more sophisticated technologies has changed our very language, and terms such as “smart” technology and the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) have infiltrated our daily vocabulary.

You may be surprised to learn that so-called smart technology has been around since the mid-1960s when engineer James (Jim) Sutherland developed a computer known as the Echo IV, which was capable of doing many of the things we nowadays associate with the concept of home automation, such as performing household inventory, managing air conditioning and basic TV and antenna control.

This ground-breaking innovation provided an ontological foundation for future developments that would be bolstered by the proliferation of mobile communication technology and, later, smartphone integration, connecting many facets of our daily lives.

Today, smart technology is a world-building set piece, framing our reality through the lens of innovation and representing an exciting new paradigm of integration and interconnectivity designed to make our lives easier. We are seeing more and more systems that are built to interact with one another to create ecosystems and provide users with an “intelligent” experience. To quote user experience designer Sean Gerety: “the technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything”.

As a leading innovator in the access automation space, we are using the most sophisticated and advanced technology to take our products – and your experience when using and installing them – to the next level.

Cutting edge technology

We use captivating technology and holistic convenience and security to make your life easier than ever before.

Industry-leading intelligence

The D5 SMART, our first solution to incorporate smart technology, is the winner of the 2020 SEIFSA Award for Most Innovative Company.

Revolutionising installation

Our SMART technology prioritises the installer experience with easy access to mounting hardware, optimised cable routing, a dedicated accessory tray for complementary solutions such as GSM, intelligent management of remote controls and, most innovatively, an intuitive and interactive mobile interface with graphic wizards for easy commissioning.

Giving you the best that the world of access automation has to offer

Our SMART technology has enabled us to deliver the fastest gate motor in its class for the best security and convenience, featuring the most innovative theft protection on the market and reliable dual battery backup to make it ready for any power outage.

Making your life easier

Every aspect of our SMART technology has been developed to give you an access automation experience unlike any other. From its unique and innovative mechanical footprint for streamlined installation to its many advanced features easily configurable via the tie-in mobile app, SMART is truly the intelligent choice.

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