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At CENTURION, we remain unwavering in our dedication to bringing you the latest, cutting-edge technology to offer you a matchless access and automation experience. We recognise the importance on staying on top of the ever-changing technology curve and we will always stay true to our brand essence of making lives easier for our valued clients around the world.

In line with this, we are retiring the G-Remote mobile app that has been serving as the interface for our ULTRA GSM devices at the end of May 2024, after which the app will be removed from all app stores.

But you’ll be pleased to know that our MyCentsys Remote app not only offers the same functionality provided by G-Remote, but gives you a whole new world of features to give you unprecedented convenience and control for your ULTRA devices.

For G-Remote users, the wait is over! MyCentsys Remote offers a more powerful and convenient way to manage your ULTRA device. Experience the future of access control with features like Visitor Access Sharing, allowing you to authorise temporary access for visitors directly through the app, with different permission types for precise control. Geo Actions take automation to the next level. Receive proximity alerts and trigger actions on your phone or Android Auto. Set location-based triggers to initiate a sequence of actions across multiple devices, simplifying your access control routine.

Plus, switch today and unleash these game-changing features:

  • Monitor and control from your smartphone
  • Attractive, intuitive and user-friendly interface makes interacting with ULTRA devices a breeze
  • Seamless and effortless switch from G-Remote – MyCentsys Remote is compatible with your existing ULTRA devices
  • Intelligence in the palm of your hand – use MyCentsys Remote on any of our ULTRA GSM devices and SMART gate and garage door solutions
  • Check SMART device health, battery status and mains presence
  • Configurable favourite actions in app and displayed in the widget on Android devices
  • In-app inbox notifications of errors and alarms
  • Customisations allow for easy device, status and action identification
  • Biometric and PIN options available for increased security
  • Car Play and Android Auto compatible
  • A single, feature-rich interface for all your access and automation requirements – can be linked to ULTRA GSM devices as well as SMART operators, giving you:
    • Push notifications
    • Trigger actions
    • Device status and health (signal strength, voltage, alarm status – gate and/or garage)

Ensure that you stay connected and in control, and switch to MyCentsys Remote before 31st May 2024.

You can download MyCentsys Remote right now for your iOSAndroid or Huawei device.

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