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When it comes to gate and garage door motors, you may have heard the terms “battery backup” and “battery-driven” being used interchangeably in the past. But did you know that there are significant differences between the two most common types of standby system? In addition, your choice of operator, be it battery backed up or battery-driven, dramatically affects how reliably the solution will work during a power outage. 

In a country plagued by frequent – and frustrating – power outages, you’ll find that most gate and garage door motors offer at least some degree of autonomy. Battery backed up gate and garage door motors operate on mains power, switching over to the batteries when the power goes out. Sounds good enough, right? But there is one disadvantage to this approach that you might not have known about, and that is that the batteries degrade and lose their charge over time, making them less reliable and delivering fewer operations during a power outage.

In a battery-driven system, on the other hand, the batteries are the principle source of power, but are trickle charged by the mains, which “cycles” the batteries and keep them in a fully-charged state – it’s the more reliable choice by far.

For a garage door motor that doesn’t need a jumpstart – it’s time to go SMART! Load-shedding is loathsome and power outages painful but, with SMART access automation from CENTURION, you get security and convenience that won’t let up when the grid goes down. With battery-driven technology, the SDO4 SMART garage door motor is as dependable as it’s durable and as reliable as it’s robust.

Want a complete SMART access solution? Make your gate SMART too with one of our intelligent gate motors – also battery-driven for extended standby and battery longevity.

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