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Chances are you pass through several automatic doors every single day. Whether they’re installed at your local shopping centre, at the gym or at the office, these ubiquitous devices have made our lives so much easier, and yet we seldom give pause to think about their significant contribution to the flow of our daily activities.

Not only are automatic doors undeniably convenient, but they reduce contact with potentially germ-carrying surfaces such as door handles – making them the more hygienic option by far – as well as streamlining pedestrian traffic and minimising energy consumption since they close automatically.

Of course, these are all user benefits – but have you considered adding door automation to your business’ product offering? As mentioned earlier, there’s no shortage of applications in which automatic doors are used and, with new buildings being commissioned and completed every single day, there will always be a need for reliable door automation.

We recently added a premium range of door automation solutions for both swinging and sliding doors to our commercial product stable and, with a host of innovative technological features, our ASDs are putting a fresh spin on an established access control system.


The best long-term performance in the industry

Some of our door automation solutions are rated for up to 2 million maintenance-free cycles, which means that you won’t have to return to site for a very long time.

Outstanding reliability

We use only the highest quality electronic and mechanical components in our ASDs, ensuring many years of reliable operation and end-user peace of mind.

Thin and elegant

Thanks to its compact dimensions, our sliding door systems can be adapted to suit virtually any type of architectural environment, even in limited space conditions.

Energy saving

Our ASDs are designed to meet the needs of the market as well as protect the environment. Thanks to the system’s innovative “Energy Saving” device, it identifies the direction of transit and perfectly optimises opening/closing times to avoid unnecessary air dispersion, even in the event of sideways transit.

Smooth and silent operation

The CENTURION range of swing door systems is equipped with an integral spring system, ensuring elegance and grace in every movement. And they look great, too!

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