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The FAAC range of fixed and automatic bollard systems includes solutions for vehicle traffic control in residential, commercial, industrial and urban areas and boasts FAAC’s celebrated hydraulic technology as well as high-quality components ensuring exceptional performance and greatly simplified installation and maintenance.

Following the 2016 acquisition of Centurion Systems by the Italian brand, CENTURION has been introducing FAAC bollards into new markets where they have been very well-received and have seen wide-spread implementation, especially on the African continent.

Suitable for a variety of traffic control applications and environments

These powerful automatic bollard systems have been developed to provide the ultimate in security and traffic control in applications ranging from busy city centres to high-risk sites such as consulates, embassies, airports, government buildings and banks, where the effective control of access is paramount.

Titanic strength and versatility

Designed and manufactured at FAAC’s headquarters in Bologna, Italy, the automatic bollard systems are constructed using only the toughest, most robust materials to provide an ironclad traffic control solution available in a variety of configurations to meet your site’s requirements.

Crash rated for exceptional security

In the middle of some unnamed desert, a truck is barrelling down the sole stretch of road visible in this arid, desolate landscape. As the lumbering behemoth picks up speed, text on the screen informs us that the truck weighs 6,800 kilograms and is travelling at 50 kilometres per hour.

Suddenly, and without warning, the vehicle seems to hit an invisible wall, its cabin exploding with the force of the impact. The many-wheeled monster that, mere seconds ago, had been cruising along as effortlessly as a dry leaf floating on a chilly autumn breeze, has been brought to a complete – and violent – standstill.

Only once the dust and debris have settled does the obstruction become visible: a single, inconspicuous cylinder planted in the middle of the road. The scene would have been almost comical – a seven tonne truck felled by a structure standing no higher than an adult’s knee – were it not so very impressive.

The crash rated bollards are especially suitable for industrial and commercial applications, and bear the ASTM F 2656-07 crash rating certification, which means that they are able to stop a 6,800kg truck travelling at 50km/h with less than 1m of total penetration.

Making your life easier

Thanks to clever engineering, the automatic bollard systems can be transported, installed and maintained with minimal effort, saving you time onsite.  The hydraulic bollard systems incorporate an innovative all-in-one concept with a built-in hydraulic drive unit, which not only dramatically reduces installation time, but also enhances the reliability of the system since there are no underground pipes with oil under pressure. Fixed models are ideal for defining pedestrian areas, and do not require any invasive laying operations or electrical wiring.

A model to suit your needs

The FAAC bollard range includes fixed, automatic and semi-automatic models for commercial, residential and industrial traffic control applications, and the powerful pylons can be found the world over including a site in Nairobi where they have been paired with some CENTURION SECTOR II traffic barriers and, most recently, the Perth Stadium in

For more information about the world-class range of  FAAC bollards, or to place your order, please contact our dedicated Exports team here.

CENTURION’s range of diverse and award-winning access automation solutions is available throughout Africa and the rest of the world, with a global footprint spanning more than 70 countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda, Malawi, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Democratic, Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Guinea and Burkina Faso.

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