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While modern times have certainly seen us place greater emphasis on crime prevention, especially with the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated technology geared towards safeguarding ourselves, our families, property and possessions, security threats have been around pretty much since the dawn of humankind. Sadly, crime has permeated society since time immemorial and, until we find some way of establishing a completely law-abiding utopia, it’s likely to be around for a while.

Prior to the advent of security technology, our ancestors had to rely on some interesting methods of being alerted to possible security threats, methods that might elicit a giggle or two although they were undeniably ingenious and, for the most part, surprisingly effective. For example, the ancient Romans – ever the innovative bunch – would position a gaggle of geese outside their fortifications to alert them to approaching enemies. Not exactly known for their poise and restraint, these avian alarm systems are not only loud, but also highly territorial and ferocious and are not above feathery fury. In Japan during the Edo period, carpenters would install special wooden flooring known as nightingale floors (also called uguisubari) in the castle halls that would squeak and chirp when tread upon.

Intruder-detection has evolved past feisty fowl and tattletale floors, of course, and today innovations in technology is putting security and peace of mind at our fingertips.

As a foremost authority in the access automation space, we design and develop solutions that set the standard in security and intruder-detection, and now you can sleep even easier with our new Tamper Alarm Siren.

Some things have to be seen to be believed but, when it comes to your security, what’s heard is just as powerful. Our new Tamper Alarm Siren is the perfect companion to your CENTURION SMART solution, and can be seamlessly and effortlessly integrated with the Tamper Alarm functionality to alert you to of any suspicious activity at your gate or garage door, helping to prevent tampering, theft, vandalism and even break-ins.

The innovative and ever-vigilant SMART series of gate and garage door motors has been designed to shield you against various property-related crimes and, by connecting the new Tamper Alarm Siren, you’ll enjoy even more security and peace of mind.

Whether you’re an installer looking to give your client the complete SMART security package, or you’re a SMART user yourself, the combination of SMART alarm functionality and the Tamper Alarm Siren makes the ultimate solution to protect and deter, so let’s make some noise for the solution that won’t keep quiet when security is at risk.

Need some help connecting and configuring the siren? Give our technical support helpline a call on 011 699 2481 or, for an even quicker response, use the new live chat feature on our website.

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