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Valentine’s Month is coming to an end, and we’ve had our fill of chocolates, oversized teddy bears and movies with obligatory airport scenes in which the protagonist declares his undying love to a romantic interest intent on relocating to a different city, and in which supporting characters ask exposition questions before completely disappearing from the film.

Of course, while Valentine’s Day, and the whole month of February, for that matter, celebrates love in a very explicit (some may say garish) fashion, love is arguably the most powerful and beautiful of emotions and experienced, and expressed, by every living person every day. Love is, as science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein put it, “the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”.

This past month, we gave you all the reasons to love our most innovative gate motor yet, the intelligent D5 SMART, showed some love to our GSM range, and told you how to share the love by combining our most powerful technologies to give your gate, and your security, the SMART edge.

In our final blog post for the month, we’ll be taking a deeper look at WiZo-Link: an innovative wireless solution designed for the ultimate in convenience.

With robust, flexible wireless technology, love is really in the air this Valentine’s Month. The month of love is all about connection, so why not connect your home with an always-on, ultra-secure wireless network that can be used to monitor and control virtually anything – wirelessly!

The WiZo-Link’s value proposition is a simple one: to make your life easier by pulling the plug on wires.
Hard-wired connections have the following limitations.

They are:
• Costly
• Unsightly
• Time-consuming
• Fixed and inflexible

WiZo-Link takes all the hassle out of creating a fully-connected home by forming a wireless mesh network that can be effortlessly scaled and expanded according to your requirements.

Each WiZo-Link becomes a “node” in the network and talks to other nodes to create a sort of intelligent and responsive super-highway carrying signals over great distances. If the environment changes, the network simply finds a suitable detour to ensure that you remain connected.

Main features:

  • Extendable range with redundancy – range is no longer an issue
  • Not reliant on line-of-site – automatically adapts to the environment by finding the optimal route for wireless connection
  • Eliminates wired civils – no need to deface your property and spend large amounts of money on time-consuming, unreliable and inflexible wired connections
  • A virtually unlimited list of possible applications – wirelessly control and activate lighting, gate motors, pool pumps, irrigation systems and a plethora of other electric appliances
  • Control your world with a single, centralised GSM unit
  • Bring your WiZo network to life by adding a CENTURION G-ULTRA GSM unit.

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