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It’s a well-known fact that traffic barriers offer formidable vehicle access control, and for that reason they are favoured by property managers who need to control the traffic entering and leaving the premises.  For the longest time barriers have been used to guard the entrances and exits to shopping centres, office parks and secure housing estates and are usually activated by means of ticket readers, free-exit loops, pushbuttons or other access control devices (such as keypads). 

But how comprehensive are traffic barriers?  Certainly a determined car thief might hightail it straight through a boom pole, and there is always the possibility that a hoodlum on foot might circumvent the system.


The SECTOR high-volume traffic barrier has been designed specifically for sites with heavy traffic flow requiring an extremely high duty cycle, with recorded daily operations in excess of 3000.  Add to that a rapid raising and lowering speed, reliable battery backup and an intelligent controller chock a block with features and functionality, and you’ve got an access control system that won’t let you down. 


But, believe it or not, there are accessories that can make this already impressive system even more formidable, and even more effective.  We’re talking about things like…




There is a certain comic book character that has steel claws extending from his knuckles, which he uses as weapons, but even he would think twice about taking on these CENTURIONs.  CLAWS – our very own range of roadway spikes – can be interfaced seamlessly with the SECTOR, or be used in a stand-alone configuration – but either way, criminals and tailgaters won’t be going anywhere while they’re raised.  A lowering boom pole provides the CLAWS with the only motivation they need to stand at the ready, the mighty stainless steel maw eagerly awaiting the first vehicle that dares not stop when it’s meant to.




As we mentioned in the introduction, pedestrian access control has been a thorn in the collective side of property owners and building managers since time immemorial.  Yes, vehicle barriers do provide an effective means of controlling vehicular traffic, but a criminal on foot is able to do equally as much damage and arguably more, since he can do said damage without attracting too much attention.


TRAPEX is a barrier fence that literally covers all bases.  Robust and exceptionally easy to install, TRAPEX forms a comprehensive barrier and prevents pedestrians from circumventing the access control system.  Not only will would-be intruders not be able to use the barrier as their own personal limbo pole and gain access by entering underneath the boom, but the vertical poles extend above the boom pole, making it impossible to traverse.




Let’s consider for one moment – and we can’t stress enough how unlikely this is – that a particularly determined criminal has made it far enough to break your boom pole before being stopped dead in his tracks by the CLAWS’s powerful bite.  Normally, the damage would be considerable and the barrier would be out of commission for quite some time, but fitting a SECTOR breakaway coupling allows the pole to hinge away from the housing when hit, thereby deflecting the impact and saving you loads of time and money.


So there you have it, three things you can add to your SECTOR to make sure that access is truly controlled.
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